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Talaris Corporate Background

Company Mission:
Talaris Systems Inc. develops advanced page printers for businesses and organizations needing solutions to manage distributed printing in multi-user computing environments.

Business Status:
Talaris is a privately owned California corporation founded in January 1983 by Dr. Calvin E. Burgart. The company was formed to address the problems of printing merged text and graphics, which has led to the company's current product line of intelligent page printers.

Talaris has distinguished itself as an innovative and creative technology firm, dedicated to providing solutions to end-user needs. The company's products are currently being purchased by a wide variety of organizations, from aerospace companies to investment banks, including many Fortune 500 companies. Talaris has shipped over 10,000 systems worldwide. Fast printing of document images over networks is a Talaris specialty in this rapidly growing market.

The Technology:
Talaris has designed a sophisticated printstation architecture, the Wings Architecture for Intelligent Connectivity (TM) that enhances the throughput, flexibility, and connectivity of laser printers. Talaris printstations are especially useful for local area printing on a network.

The exceptional performance of the Wings Architecture results from the innovative use of two different microprocessors for efficient allocation of the primary processing tasks, raster image processing, host I/0 management, and command interpretation. The efficiency of this design is supported by other design features, such as a device control language (EXCL) that can directly access the advanced imaging features of the printstation, and the capability of direct connection to Ethernet, which can be used to eliminate data communications bottlenecks.

EXCL, the device control language developed by Talaris to support the advanced graphics and text formatting capabilities of Talaris printstations, also provides a command-level gateway to emulations and page description languages (PDL). Talaris printstations can be configured with up to nine emulations, including a RISC-based PostScript interpreter.

Talaris products are compatible with a number of different hardware and software products, including Digital Equipment Corporation computers and workstations, UNIX computers and workstations, IBM mainframes, Apple Macintoshes, PC's and PC LANs, many word processing packages and most graphics packages.

The Products:
The printstation family consists of three printers ranging from 17-32 pages per minute. The 1794 Printstation is a 17 page per minute (ppm) laser printer with an excellent price/performance ratio for the multi-user computing environment.

The 1794FT features 10 Mbytes of memory, multi-page buffering, and a fast graphics processor to enhance performance for environments with heavy graphics usage. The 3290FT is a 32 ppm departmental printstation for high-volume printing with duplex capability and three different paper trays. High paper capacity, B-sized paper capability, and option HP-GL and CCITT emulations make it a good choice for CAD/CAM and demand printing environments.

Talaris supports laser printers with a variety of hardware, firmware, and software options including Ethernet and Novell NetWare interfaces, a 270 Mbyte disk for local storage of fonts and overlays, a RISC-based PostScript level 2 interpreter, and printer management software.

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